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TKT Newsletter Issue No 6

Welcome to The Koinonia Trust Spring Newsletter Issue No 6

Reflections from Frances

‘Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete’ James Ch. 1 vs 4

It has been a long season of waiting, enduring and persevering while I was in Ireland. We cope with all the losses that we have suffered due to Covid 19. From not just the loss of so many life’s but the continued isolation and repeated lockdown which has been inflicted on us. The fear of the unknown and the future tangible for many, there is a sense of a different norm as we continue to persevere through this season. The above verse was one God dropped into my mind early one morning and I looked it up and found it in the first chapter of James. It is part of a passage that encourages us to keep pressing on despite trials and tribulations, why? Because there is a wonderful promise at the end; there is an opportunity for growth that deepens our faith and character. The definition of perseverance is to do something despite difficulties or delays. It is difficult, it is challenging, it is tiresome, and it can even be unfair. However, I want to use this opportunity to encourage you no matter what trial you are facing, no matter what restrictions you are experiencing keep pressing on, don’t give up or give in but draw on Gods strength, lean on Him because this season will pass. Just as we have entered spring here and the season of winter has passed so your season of difficulty whether it has been caused by Covid or by some other trial it too shall come to an end. Let us keep reaching out and keep encouraging one another. Thank you for all the support, for all the prayers and keep remembering our team in Liberia as we seek to demonstrate Gods love in a difficult environment.

Updates from Liberia

I arrived on the 13th April in Liberia and it is now the 10th May. I had written the above reflection in early March. It has seemed everything God was doing in my heart the previous year was just to prepare me for this season I am now in. The day before my arrival Momo was released from hospital, we thank God for his life for it is a true miracle as they say in Liberia ‘thank God he is counted among the living ‘. He continues to recover and everyone is enjoying his presence back in the compound. The team have continued really well with the tailoring, homework club and football club. I could not be more proud of them and it is a credit to Momos leadership and ability to delegate responsibilities. One thing I have truly been grateful for is Gods wisdom, sometimes He says yes, sometimes no and sometimes wait. I have always found the latter two challenging. Since coming back I have been grateful when God has said no or wait previously to me concerning this ministry. I may not have liked it, nor understood it at the time but now I do. God’s timing is always perfect. Had our project been larger than were it is now presently or had we external workshop commitments we would have struggled to maintain it without Momo being in full health. But thank God He is the Alpha and the Omega; He knows the beginning from the end. He knew when I was to come, the time I was most needed in Liberia. The door was closed for many months. We stayed faithful and pressed on. My trust in Him has moved to a deeper level, my obedience even when I don’t understand ‘the why’ more compliant with His will for me. I am trusting more in the slow work of God’s grace, and His timely provision.

The Koinonia Trust Football Club

The Koinonia Trust Football Club

We were delighted to win our first match in March and our last match in May. Congratulations to our team and a big thank you to our coach Reuben. Their hard work has paid off; we have had numerous games ending with a draw. We are delighted to welcome a new collaboration with Ambassadors in Football N. Ireland who are going to facilitate and lead TREC (Training, Resourcing and Equipping Coaches) training for our coaches on and off the field. They are a Christian organisation; who is committed to training coaches to become effective role models as they mentor and coach the young people entrusted to their care. Their aim is not just to provide skills on the field but encourage the young men to grow in character. Due to Covid 19 restrictions we hope to facilitate training through zoom meetings and the use of YouTube starting in May.

The Homework/Study Class

At the moment the children are on 2 week break from school but they have been doing exceptionally well. From their school report sheets we can tell they are benefitting from the additional help they are receiving at the classes. We welcomed a new teacher Michael as Patience had left.

The Koinonia Tailoring Class

Tailoring Class

We thank God for a great tutor in Wonder she is a mature Christian lady passionate about sharing her faith in God and a gifted patient teacher. She has now 11 students learning how to sew. Each week they are already fixing clothes for family members and it is truly impressive.

Congratulations Momo

Congratulations Momo

We want to congratulate Momo on his completion of his agricultural course in the month of January. We are excited to see the fruit of his learning. Already he has a pair of ducks and hens.

Funding Update

We thank God for the on-going partnership with Liberia Mercy Partners and their funding contribution which has contributed to our core funding in 2021 and Frances ability to be on the ground.
We also want to thank Terri Doherty from Longford who has been doing monthly fundraisers for The Koinonia Trust choir. She was busy knitting Easter chicks, completing walking challenges and getting friends to save their coins.
We want to thank our Board member Luke Smith who undertook a marathon on April 14th 2021, to raise core funding.
In 2021 we had an emergency budget to cover our core needs and we praise God for His provision. At the moment we need additional money for our projects. We have to do small renovation work for a secure store room; we need to fence in our ducks and hens. Our tailoring class needs additional sewing machines and materials. Our football club need boots. We really need a desk top computer for the office. We are all using laptops that are now old and giving us trouble. Our homework and study class need benches and tables suitable for the younger children. Please help if you can.
There is no fundraiser too small, every little bit adds up and contributes to us being able to do what we do. If you would like to do something to help us please contact us, or if you would like to make a monthly or one off donation you can do so through our PayPal account.

Prayer Points

We want to praise God for His provision for us and His continued blessing in the work we do at The Koinonia Trust.

  • Pray for Momo’s continued recovery, that he would bear patience as he adjusts to his new limitations.
  • Pray for Morris health as he too has been ill and h continues sometime to be in poor health.
  • Pray for the team in Liberia that God will continue to protect and provide for them
  • Pray for all the young people who come to the homework club, the choir, the sewing class, the football club and the community. Pray for their healing; pray that they grow in their relationship with God and through us that they experience love and acceptance.
  • Pray that God will continue to open the doors financially for us as an organization as fundraising becomes increasingly difficult. Pray for core funders and individual committed sponsors.
  • Pray that God will continue to protect us from Covid 19 and that this season will come to an end
  • Pray for our Board of Directors that God will give them wisdom and good health as they continue to work alongside us
  • Pray for Frances, for Gods protection and wisdom as she supports and trains the team at this time on the ground.

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  1. Praying for all of you and the people God brings to you! Thank you for the update on Momo’s health—- so thankful for his progress and healing!

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