Newsletter Issue No 10

Newsletter Issue No 9

The October Koinonia Trust Newsletter Issue No 9 contains updates om the Building Project, funding, Pastoral Care and the Koinonia Trust Football Team.

Reflection from Momo

Psalm 148 vs 1: “Praise you the LORD. Sing unto the LORD a new song, and his praise in the congregation of Saints.”
To God be the glory for the great things he has done. We, at The Koinonia Trust, have every reason to praise the Lord, for he has been our provider and keeper and has kept the work in Liberia going.
Who is like unto our God? With all the crises in the world, God has continued to provide the necessary funding for the work. Therefore, we are grateful to Him. He that trusts in the Lord is like Mount Zion who cannot be removed. Our trust is in the Lord for his goodness and blessing toward us.

Reflections from Frances

John 10 vs 27: “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me”.
As I am homebound presently for want of a better word, I have had plenty of time to soberly reflect on my own walk with God and develop new habits and new rhythms. This verse from John reminds me of the two-way communication God invites us to have with Him, not just talking to Him but learning to keenly listen for His voice.
I am learning more and more to listen for His voice and to ask the hard questions that sometimes I/we avoid. Perhaps the questions I am asking is something you also need to ask. Take the time to ponder over the next few questions…What in my life Lord is not sustainable? A commitment, pace of life, a relationship. Lord what are the things I need to let go off/or lay down? Lord what do I need to do to deepen my roots with you and develop listening ears for your voice?

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