About Us

Bringing Beauty out of Ashes

About the Koinonia Trust

The Koinonia Trust Liberia Inc was envisioned by Frances Swaray in October 2017 and the incorporation began in March 2018. The Trust is a local Liberian non-government organisation (NGO) and is a peer led project so that it promotes viability. Frances continues to volunteer and is part of the board of directors she consults, facilitates, trains and supports both the President and the team.

The name ‘Koinonia’ comes from a Greek word meaning ‘love, devotion and fellowship’.

Our Motto is ‘Bringing Beauty out of Ashes’

The Logo of The Koinonia Trust is the trunk of an oak tree which is in the shape of people reaching out to nurture the nation of Liberia, with the branches of the tree shaped as a map of Liberia.


The Trust will have integrity as its core foundational value (honesty, truthfulness, accountability, transparency and honour)

The Trust will show impartiality (no favouritism and without discrimination)

The Trust will be equitable (be fair and accessible to all)

The Trust will show equality (having an equal gender based approach)


The key principles for participants of The Koinonia Trust are:

We encourage active participation by all the stakeholders.

We empower by giving knowledge, understanding and skills to participants in order to support them to make better life choices.

We encourage by providing the necessary resources and support to both staff and participants in order to fulfill the vision and the focus of the Trust.

We take a community development approach: utilising a ‘bottom up approach’ working alongside those who are most vulnerable, building their capacity and encouraging personal development.

We provide opportunities for collaboration between partners, agencies and participants.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support the healing of adults and children who have experienced trauma and brokenness. The roots of love, faith and encouragement of The Koinonia Trust are embedded in our partnership approach, through practical actions to demonstrate God’s love to those who are marginalized or socially excluded from society. 

Vision and Focus

The overall vision of The Koinonia Trust is to support the healing and rehabilitation of people who have experienced trauma and brokenness. We endeavor to do this through different methods that can nurture new hope in their life. Our focus is those living in disadvantaged communities. We are working alongside both individuals and community leaders to develop specific objectives that will support personal, family and community development. We aim to achieve this using tailored approaches and projects, i.e. Trauma Healing project,  Educational project, Organisational Training, Social Enterprise and Community projects.

Our Team

Get to know us and our team

Here at The Koinonia Trust we would like for you to get to know us. Meet our team operating on the ground in Monrovia. Click the link below to get to know more about our team.

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