Koinonia Trust FC Update

Koinonia Trust FC Update – Just earlier this month two of our players James and J Lawrence were picked to play for the National Liberian under 15s team. They went to Austria to play were they both won and lost games. It was a wonderful experience for them. We say a big thank you to our two coaches who are doing extremely well.

Our team now have progressed and have just registered in the National league and are recognised by the football federation. We thank God for the progress they are making as a team and how they are growing mature as young men.

In another Koinonia Trust FC update we are sending our coaches to be trained as Trauma Healing Facilitators so they can facilitate workshops for the players. This incoming year we will have a senior team at National level and a junior team at the community level.

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Trauma Healing Facilitator Training

Congratulations to Momo becoming an Advanced Training Facilitator. This will enable him to equip others in becoming apprentice facilitators for Trauma Healing Groups, such as the stories of Angie and Lucia below.

Momo receives his certificate from Nancy Writebol

Congratulations to our two young ladies who have now trained as apprentice Trauma Healing Group Facilitators.

Below you see Angie and Lucia receiving their Certificates from Nancy Writebol, the Global coordinator.

It has been a blessing to have had the opportunity to encourage and mentor these young women over the last number of years. it is wonderful to see them now equipped to help others – Frances.