The Koinonia Trust Constitution
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Constitution of the Koinonia Trust Liberia Inc.


Liberia has suffered an immense amount of trauma from 1985. There was oppression, mass killings and rapes from both the militant and rebel elements that were present at the time. Children were kidnapped, abused, drugged and made to become soldiers. This continued from 1989 to 2003 and unfortunately the consequences of this relentless abuse and trauma has not just impacted that generation but has now been manifested into the next generation. Many communities have suffered a loss of purpose. They have been rendered powerless and hopeless. The society norms have changed due to the previous long term conflict and recent Ebola outbreak.

In view of the above we have been inspired to form a Trust which will empower and encourage people to move forward with their lives.

Name : The name of the organisation is  " The Koinonia Trust Liberia Inc."

'Koinonia' is a Greek word meaning 'love, devotion and fellowship'.

Motto: 'Bringing beauty out of ashes'

Logo: The logo of The Koinonia Trust is the trunk of an oak tree which is in the shape of people reaching out to nurture the nation of Liberia. The branches of the tree shaped as a map of Liberia.

Colour: The colour shall be red white and blues

Mission Statement

Our mission is to support the healing of adults and children who have experienced trauma and brokenness. The roots of love, faith and encouragement of The Koinonia Trust are embroiled in a partnership approach. Through practical actions undertaking to demonstrate Gods love to those who are marginalised and socially excluded from society. We endeavour to empowering and encouraging people to reach their fullest potential and God given purpose in this life regardless of background or circumstance.


The overall vision of The Koinonia Trust is to support the healing and rehabilitation of people who have experienced trauma and brokenness. We endeavor to do this through different methods that can nurture new hope in their life.


Our focus is those living in disadvantaged communities. We are working alongside both individuals and community leaders to develop specific objectives. This will support personal, family and community development and in return increase their social capital.

The key objectives are:

  • To facilitate Trauma Healing Groups (men, women youth and children) to those who have endured trauma in their life from whatever source.
  • To further provide additional support depending on the need such as pastoral care or counselling to those people who request it or are referred to us by different groups (men, women youth and children) .
  • To further link those who have gone through trauma healing groups to other opportunities of personal development
  • To help find opportunities for further education and training with other established training centres and colleges in particularly for vulnerable young people. As funding permits to contribute to the cost of those fees.
  • To facilitate our own educational and social project which will focus on study classes and reading skills for vulnerable children and youth. We will also facilitate training in leadership skills, community development skills, health promotion and personal development and capacity building skills.
  • To facilitate training for organisations that are working in Trauma Affected Communities.
  • To engage in other lawful activities which will positively enhance the lives of  target beneficiaries


  • The Trust will have integrity as its core foundational value (honesty, truthfulness, accountability, transparency and honour)
  • The Trust will show impartiality (no favouritism and without discrimination)
  • The Trust will be equitable (be fair and accessible to all). The Trust will show equality (having an equal gender based approach)


The key principles for participants of 'The Koinonia Trust'

  • Active participation: by all the stakeholders
  • Empowerment: giving knowledge, understanding and skills to participants in order to support them to make better life choices
  • Encouragement: providing the necessary training and resources to both staff and participants in order to fulfill the vision and the focus of the Trust
  • Taking a community development approach: utilising a 'bottom up approach' working alongside those who are most vulnerable, building their capacity and encouraging personal development.
  • Providing opportunities for collaboration between partners, agencies and participants.


'The Koinonia Trust' shall have three incorporators who shall be the owners.

  • Momo B. Kinnie ----- President/ CEO
  • Varnie Kenneth ----- Vice President/ Administration
  • John Bladea ------- General Secretary

The incorporators shall not have executive power

They incorporators  shall serve in the capacity of advisor to the Trust

The executive shall make a bi-annual report to the incorporators, said report is to be done after every six (6) months of operations.

Board of Directors

The Board Members of The Koinonia  Trust shall  not be more than nine and not less than three, three Executive Directors who are working directly on the ground and six Non-Executive Directors who shall serve as guidance and advisors to the Trust.

Functions of the Board of Directors

There shall be executive officers who work on the ground carrying out the day to day running of the organisation. There shall be non executive officers who shall be selected for their professionalism and support of the organisations vision. This makes up the whole Board of Directors.

The complete Board shall meet or communicate four times a year except in an emergency at which time the President or the Chairperson of the Board shall call a meeting.

  • The Board shall advise, and contribute to decisions regarding funding proposals and future developments of the Trust.
  • The Board shall create innovative ways of raising funds for the Trust.
  • The Board shall be headed by a Chairperson, co-Chair, Secretary and Financial Officer.
  • The Quorum for a Board meeting requires six (6) Board members to be present either in person email or by telex/video conference.
  • Each member will have a vote, with the majority vote ruling. If there is an equal divided vote the Presidency shall have the casting vote.
  • This constitution shall be reviewed by the Board members every three years.
  • The Board of Directors shall approve the yearly budget.
  • Re-election of the Board Members shall be every three years.
  • A member(s) of the Board can resign by letter to the chairperson one month prior to them stepping down.

Subject to funding The Koinonia Trust will be operated by the following staff:

Constitution Administrative Staff

The Koinonia Trust shall be operated by the below officers

(1) President

(2) Vice President /Administrator

(3) Finance Officer

(4) Consultant

Other position(s) shall be created and appointment made as the need arises


The President is the chief executive officer of The Koinonia Trust.

  • He/She shall share responsible for creating partnerships locally, nationally and internationally
  • He/She is responsible for applying for funding
  • He/She shall carry out the daily duties of the Trust
  • All communication with stakeholders shall be shared by the President and the consultant with the support of the Administrator
  • He/She shall be responsible to appoint heads of departments such as Trauma Healing, Pastoral Care, Education and Training, Social enterprise, Administration in consultation with the consultant.
  • He/She shall receive monthly reports from the Chief Administrator
  • The President shall in consultation with the department heads shall be responsible for developing the action plan of the Trust
  • He/She shall make bi-monthly reports including financial reports to the Board and external funders or when requested by the Board in case of an emergency
  • He/She has shared responsibility with the Consultant for staff support and supervision
  • The President of the Trust shall be accountable to the Board
  • He/She shall serve as secretary to the board
  • All expenditure of the Trust shall be approved by the President.


  • He/She shall share the responsible for creating partnerships locally, nationally and internationally
  • He/She is responsible for applying for funding
  • All communication with stakeholders shall be shared by the President and the consultant with the support of the Administrator
  • He/She has shared responsibility with the President for staff support and supervision
  • He/She is accountable to the President and shall supply monthly reports
  • Facilitate training for the staff/ volunteers of the Trust
  • Engage with local leaders, community members to provide opportunities of training as requested.
  • Advocate locally and internationally on behalf of the Trust.


  • The Administrator shall serve as general secretary to the Trust
  • He/She is to report to the President on all matters relation to the smooth running of the Trust
  • He/She take minutes, make work plans for each department in consultation with the President and the department heads
  • He/She shall receive all reports from the head of various departments and promptly make report to the President for action.
  • He/She shall be responsible for the implementation of The Koinonia Trust budget, ensuring that the budget line is followed with the finance officer and the department heads.
  • He/She shall be responsible for navigating the legal aspect of the Trust along with a solicitor
  • He/She shall act in the absent of the President
  • He/She shall work under the supervision of the President

Financial Officer

  • The Financial Officer in consultation with the President and the Administration shall set up the budget of The Koinonia Trust
  • The Financial Officer shall be responsible for all the organisation funds
  • He/She shall deposit all the Trust funds into a reputable banking institution and serve a copy of the deposit slip to the president
  • All funding including petty cash request must be made through an internal memo and given to the financial officer, approved by the President
  • The petty cash shall not exceed seventy five thousand Liberian ($75,000.00) LRD
  • All income and expenditure shall be approved by the President
  • All financial transaction shall be done upon official receipt of the Trust and stamped with the Trust official seal
  • The signatories to the bank account of The Koinonia Trust shall be the President, the Financial Officer and the Founder
  • There shall be a monthly financial report which shall be sent to the office of the President and copy given to the administrator
  • The Financial Officer will be actively exploring ways to make the Trust self sustainable
  • The Financial Officer will develop a financial policy for the Trust


The dismissal of a person from the Board/Administrative position is outlined in more details in their Code of Conduct. The following shall constitute violations that shall lead to dismissal.

  1. Violation of the code of conduct of the Trust
  2. Violation of the Trust child protection policy
  3. Misuse of a position / office
  4. Non adherence to the values of the Trust
  5. Misuse or misappropriation of the Trust funds
  6. Misuse or abuse of any of the Trust Properties

Constitution - Other matters

The Trust (Koinonia Inc) shall develop a Human Resource Manuel which shall describe the operations, procedures of other department(s) and volunteers who will be rendering service(s) within the Trust (Koinonia) that are not stated in this constitution. The Trust shall further develop 'Terms of employment'/engagement of staff/volunteer


This constitution can be reviewed and amendments as the need arises by three quarters of the board members which shall make a quorum.