Newsletter Issue No.7

TKT Newsletter Issue No 7

Welcome to The Koinonia Trust December Newsletter Issue No 7

Reflections from Momo

Psalm 27:1 The LORD is my light and my salvation ……………

In such a time such as this when the world is going through the Covid-19 pandemic, we need to walk the path that is lit up by the presence of God. This is what The Koinonia Trust has been doing. He has been our daily presence in our everyday activities. Lives are being touched and changed, people are given hope and we are joyful as we serve in the community.

As an organization, there were times when we felt that the road was coming to a dead end, the dark cloud of trying to raise the necessary finances within the current situation, and also my own sickness; felt like it wouldn’t clear. Here we are now! With deep gratitude and a thankful heart to all our supporters. Truly the LORD has been our light and salvation therefore we are thankful for His continued provisions.

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Trauma Healing Facilitator Training

Congratulations to Momo becoming an Advanced Training Facilitator. This will enable him to equip others in becoming apprentice facilitators for Trauma Healing Groups, such as the stories of Angie and Lucia below.

Momo receives his certificate from Nancy Writebol

Congratulations to our two young ladies who have now trained as apprentice Trauma Healing Group Facilitators.

Below you see Angie and Lucia receiving their Certificates from Nancy Writebol, the Global coordinator.

It has been a blessing to have had the opportunity to encourage and mentor these young women over the last number of years. it is wonderful to see them now equipped to help others – Frances.

Newsletter Issue No.7

TKT Newsletter Issue No 6

Welcome to The Koinonia Trust Spring Newsletter Issue No 6

Reflections from Frances

‘Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete’ James Ch. 1 vs 4

It has been a long season of waiting, enduring and persevering while I was in Ireland. We cope with all the losses that we have suffered due to Covid 19. From not just the loss of so many life’s but the continued isolation and repeated lockdown which has been inflicted on us. The fear of the unknown and the future tangible for many, there is a sense of a different norm as we continue to persevere through this season. The above verse was one God dropped into my mind early one morning and I looked it up and found it in the first chapter of James. It is part of a passage that encourages us to keep pressing on despite trials and tribulations, why? Because there is a wonderful promise at the end; there is an opportunity for growth that deepens our faith and character. The definition of perseverance is to do something despite difficulties or delays. It is difficult, it is challenging, it is tiresome, and it can even be unfair. However, I want to use this opportunity to encourage you no matter what trial you are facing, no matter what restrictions you are experiencing keep pressing on, don’t give up or give in but draw on Gods strength, lean on Him because this season will pass. Just as we have entered spring here and the season of winter has passed so your season of difficulty whether it has been caused by Covid or by some other trial it too shall come to an end. Let us keep reaching out and keep encouraging one another. Thank you for all the support, for all the prayers and keep remembering our team in Liberia as we seek to demonstrate Gods love in a difficult environment.

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Luke Smith Findraiser

Luke Smith Full Marathon Fundraiser

I first met Frances Swaray on a mission trip to Liberia in the summer of 2017. Frances has been faithfully serving in West Africa since 2016. During my trip, I was inspired by her heart for the Lord, compassion for the people there, and relentless drive to see change occur. In March 2018, her dreams of the Koinonia Trust came to life and the organization was established. At the time Frances asked me to serve as a non-executive board director. I happily joined, and have been a part of the team since then.

This Spring, I have decided to train for a full marathon with the purpose of raising awareness and financially supporting the Koinonia Trust. I am scheduled to run it on April 14th. With my busy travel schedule for work, I am viewing this not as a setback but rather an opportunity to train daily with others safely and share the work that is being done in Liberia and the finances needed to support it. I am asking people to consider giving through one of these ways:

  • 50¢ per mile ($13 total)
  • $1 per mile ($26 total)
  • $2 per mile ($52 total)
  • $3 per mile ($78 total)

Any form of giving is greatly appreciated. Would you consider donating in one of these four ways to help advance the amazing work in Liberia, as we seek to bring beauty out of ashes?

Click the GoFundMe link below to donate.

Luke Smith Full Marathon Fundraiser

***All funds raised will go directly to sustaining the work of the Koinonia Trust***