Newsletter Issue No 10

Newsletter Issue No 10

Welcome to the March 2023 Koinonia Trust Newsletter Issue No 10. This issue contains news and updates from the Building Project, the latest funding update, Pastoral Care news and the latest on The Koinonia Trust Football Team, along with some prayer requests from Frances.

Reflection from Momo

Psalm 30 vs 12:“.. I will sing your praise and not be silent, O Lord my God I will thanks to you forever”. God has been so faithful to us and to keeping His promises.

Work started on the compound 12 months ago and now I am living here. We thank God so much for His provision and His perfect timing. We had to leave our existing compound and indeed would have been homeless. God has a timetable for every part of our life. Praise His name.

Reflection from Frances

Jeremiah 29 vs 11: “For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans for welfare, and not for evil to give you a future and a hope”

As many of you know I have been struggling with health issues concerning my heart and I thank God I am now stable and on the right medication. A big thank you also goes out to my local gym BMS in Bundoran were they are trained and qualified in Cardiac Rehab. God’s provision is sometimes in the unlikeliest of places and he certainly provided the team there especially Patrick to get me active again restoring my quality of life. I have been studying the book of Ruth with fresh eyes during this period. It was indeed timely as I read about the losses these women experienced and their journey in trusting God despite their challenging circumstances. Faith is trusting God’s sovereignty when we are in deep despair, lonely or abandoned, our story is in His hands. As Ruth and Naomi’s story unfolds so does Gods plan
and purpose for their life. Fresh hope and restoration arises out of the ashes of their brokenness. It is a lesson in never giving up and keeping trust in a God who has a plan and purpose for each of us.

‘God’s heavenly plan is always bigger than our earthly circumstances’ Lisa Alvin Meyer.

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Newsletter Issue No 10

Newsletter Issue No 9

The October Koinonia Trust Newsletter Issue No 9 contains updates om the Building Project, funding, Pastoral Care and the Koinonia Trust Football Team.

Reflection from Momo

Psalm 148 vs 1: “Praise you the LORD. Sing unto the LORD a new song, and his praise in the congregation of Saints.”
To God be the glory for the great things he has done. We, at The Koinonia Trust, have every reason to praise the Lord, for he has been our provider and keeper and has kept the work in Liberia going.
Who is like unto our God? With all the crises in the world, God has continued to provide the necessary funding for the work. Therefore, we are grateful to Him. He that trusts in the Lord is like Mount Zion who cannot be removed. Our trust is in the Lord for his goodness and blessing toward us.

Reflections from Frances

John 10 vs 27: “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me”.
As I am homebound presently for want of a better word, I have had plenty of time to soberly reflect on my own walk with God and develop new habits and new rhythms. This verse from John reminds me of the two-way communication God invites us to have with Him, not just talking to Him but learning to keenly listen for His voice.
I am learning more and more to listen for His voice and to ask the hard questions that sometimes I/we avoid. Perhaps the questions I am asking is something you also need to ask. Take the time to ponder over the next few questions…What in my life Lord is not sustainable? A commitment, pace of life, a relationship. Lord what are the things I need to let go off/or lay down? Lord what do I need to do to deepen my roots with you and develop listening ears for your voice?

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Newsletter Issue No 10

Newsletter Issue No 8

Welcome to the Koinonia Trust Summer 2022 Newsletter issue No 8

Building Project

Our Building Project

Thanks to Liberia Mercy Partners and individual donors we were able to start our building project this year on land that was purchased a number of years ago.
At present we rent and maintain a compound that is not just home to the ministry but houses 5 adults and Frances when she is on site. In the long term this is not financially sustainable. Within the next 7 years we would have spent $38,500 USD as a Trust on renting, maintaining and on electricity for our existing compound. This is not even allowing for price hikes that we have been advised that will be implemented in March 2023. Outside of the financial investment, having our own homes and ministry base means we will have security and peace of mind.
We have two phases to our building project and we hope to complete phase 1 this year.

Phase 1

  1. A community well (Complete)
  2. The ministerial building which has our office, male and female bathrooms, our tailoring workshop
  3. Momo’s family home providing security as he ministers and leads the project
  4. A water tower to service all the buildings (Started – needs to be completed)

The first part of the building was the well so the builders could access water. The well is 30ft deep and was dug by hand and the cement covets that line the well were all
made on site. Making them onsite saved a huge amount of money on transport. The water tower supports and the casting on top was assembled on site. This will supply
the buildings with water in the future.

Newsletter Summer Issue No 8

As you can see from the photos there is no fancy scaffolding! the building went up very quickly to roof level. We will have an office, male and female bathrooms and a
large tailoring workshop.

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Koinonia Trust FC Update

Koinonia Trust FC Update – Just earlier this month two of our players James and J Lawrence were picked to play for the National Liberian under 15s team. They went to Austria to play were they both won and lost games. It was a wonderful experience for them. We say a big thank you to our two coaches who are doing extremely well.

Our team now have progressed and have just registered in the National league and are recognised by the football federation. We thank God for the progress they are making as a team and how they are growing mature as young men.

In another Koinonia Trust FC update we are sending our coaches to be trained as Trauma Healing Facilitators so they can facilitate workshops for the players. This incoming year we will have a senior team at National level and a junior team at the community level.

Check out the Koinonia Trust FC page for more updates and information

Newsletter Issue No 10

TKT Newsletter Issue No 7

Welcome to The Koinonia Trust December Newsletter Issue No 7

Reflections from Momo

Psalm 27:1 The LORD is my light and my salvation ……………

In such a time such as this when the world is going through the Covid-19 pandemic, we need to walk the path that is lit up by the presence of God. This is what The Koinonia Trust has been doing. He has been our daily presence in our everyday activities. Lives are being touched and changed, people are given hope and we are joyful as we serve in the community.

As an organization, there were times when we felt that the road was coming to a dead end, the dark cloud of trying to raise the necessary finances within the current situation, and also my own sickness; felt like it wouldn’t clear. Here we are now! With deep gratitude and a thankful heart to all our supporters. Truly the LORD has been our light and salvation therefore we are thankful for His continued provisions.

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Trauma Healing Facilitator Training

Congratulations to Momo becoming an Advanced Training Facilitator. This will enable him to equip others in becoming apprentice facilitators for Trauma Healing Groups, such as the stories of Angie and Lucia below.

Momo receives his certificate from Nancy Writebol

Congratulations to our two young ladies who have now trained as apprentice Trauma Healing Group Facilitators.

Below you see Angie and Lucia receiving their Certificates from Nancy Writebol, the Global coordinator.

It has been a blessing to have had the opportunity to encourage and mentor these young women over the last number of years. it is wonderful to see them now equipped to help others – Frances.