Welcome to the Koinonia Trust Football Club page where you can find details and updates of this initiative. 

This summer thanks to The Mandala Trust we were able to kit them out and get more equipment. This was indeed a great blessing.

Thanks to Terri who knit the Easter chicks we were able to start our football club with bibs and a small amount of training gear.

There are 30 youth coming for training three times a week. Each time they train they have a time of thanksgiving and prayer beforehand. Our coaches (Reuben and Morris) are not just training them in soccer but make themselves available to encourage and mentor them.

Some of these young men have been displaced from their families who live in rural parts of Liberia. They are sent up to the city to make their own way in life. We are providing a safe place for them to come too, meet and enjoy playing soccer. We are encouraging them to lean on God and one another as they grow into adulthood. As the club develops we will be facilitating workshops on health (spiritual, emotional, mental, physical and social), leadership skills and trauma healing groups for them.

The Koinonia Trust FC
Koinonia Trust Junior Team includes one Female player

Koinonia Trust Football Club – July 2022

Two of our players James and J Lawrence were picked to play for the National Liberian under 15s team. They went to Austria to play were they both won and lost games. It was a wonderful experience for them. We say a big thank you to our two coaches who are doing extremely well.

Our team now have progressed and have just registered in the National league and are recognised by the football federation. We thank God for the progress they are making as a team and how they are growing mature as young men.

We are sending our coaches to be trained as Trauma Healing Facilitators so they can facilitate workshops for the players. This incoming year we will have a senior team at National level and a junior team at the community level