We are very thankful to The Liberian Mercy Partners for providing the funding for a community well with a hand pump in our community.

This is the story of the work on the new community well and will be very important to not just help prevent the spread of Covid-19 but also in helping the prevention of common gastric type infections and typhoid. There is a distinct lack of fresh water wells in the local area and this will make a massive difference to the people in our local community.

Watch the video of the Well construction story.

Well Project Ground Breaking Ceremony

These are the pictures of the ground breaking ceremony as a cross section of the community leadership start the project by digging on the site of the well location.

Community Well Project

The Chairman of the community Mr. Bestman (left) breaking ground for the construction of the community pump and Mr. Flaka (right) gives the place for the well during the ground breaking ceremony.

Community leaders offering prayers on the site for the construction of the new Well and Pump.

Well Project

Momo and the community leadership in discussion about how the work will progress and our wee African dog ‘Jimmy’ (right) sitting in the middle taking it all in.

Well Coverts Arrive

Community Well project

Digging the Well

Coverts being installed

Well construction above ground

Dedication and handover ceremony

Locals using the new well