We facilitate Trauma Healing Groups and provide additional support such as pastoral care and counselling to those people who request it.

Trauma Healing Training was developed and facilitated by Sudan Inland Mission (SIM) in Monrovia. In terms of trauma, Liberia has suffered an immense amount from 1985. There was oppression, mass killings and rapes from the governmental military elements that were present at the time. There has been a lack of good role models both throughout leadership and within family units. One of the consequences of conflict is often in the aftermath. Not only are infrastructures damaged but often societal norms change.

The hope that this training brings is indescribable, especially in an area that is considered a disadvantaged community. Facilitating trauma healing groups where people are given that safe space to work through their own trauma and heart wounds enable them to take steps forward in their lives.

To further identify and train local people who can become apprentice facilitators increases the opportunity for a whole community to benefit from a safe space. People have been hurt and traumatised either through the consequences of the war, Ebola or absolute poverty. It would enable and empower people to discover God’s plan and purpose for their lives.

This program is one that is filled with God’s love and grace flowing out to those that are hurt. Without healing, without forgiveness, without closure, people become stuck. Trauma Healing groups help to heal those wounds. The effect will be that communities are more cohesive and better able to work together through open communication and shared experiences.

Trauma Healing Groups although free, there is a cost in training to become a facilitator.


Testimony from Monrovia (A Missionary from Europe)

Building Resilience in a Trauma Affected Community (10 one to one sessions).

“The workshop has been interesting and helpful for me personally.”

“I work and live in Liberia and the workshop has given me an insight that I can use to get a better understanding of my self and the culture I work and live in.”

“I will recommend this workshop as a good opportunity to work with yourself and get a deeper understanding on how to approach and understand traumas in your own life and how to get useful tools to work with.”

“The workshop has helped me to move forward.”

Testimonies from Gbarnga Bong County (His Safe Haven Ministries)

Trauma Healing Group (6 key lessons facilitated to 14 ladies who work within the ministry)

“The teaching helped me a lot, when I started to think about the forgiveness I started crying. I told God thank you.” 

“When I was doing my assignment, it was hard. I was thinking how will I do it? I started praying and God’ spoke to me. I know your name, why you not have peace. I started telling God thank you. I said I will not forgive my husband for what he has done to me, I started praying to God. God sent his son to die for me so I am forgiving my husband.” 

“My husband left me with nothing, he carried my children and everything. My daughter married and there has been plenty confusion between us in the family. My husband sent me from the house. I am learning to forgive him now. God will help me. Thank you for coming to do the workshop.” 

“I gave my compliant to God and I have been worried. When I started writing my lament my heart started to come free.”

“Through the teaching this week, God has been healing me.”

“God is opening my heart through the teaching this week. My husband left 13 years ago, no help from him. God has given me work. He is showing me to forgive him for everything he has done. I gave my complaint to God. I am praying God will bring my husband back.”

“When I was doing the lament I had plenty pain in my heart. I asked God plenty questions. God reminded me about his goodness towards me. My children from my bad husband are making me who I am today. I was so bitter and angry inside. I know God is standing with me and helping me forgive my husband and fighting my battles for me. Forgiveness is hard, my children are coming to me for everything, my husband don’t care nothing about them.”

“Thank God for the teaching. This week I been thinking a lot about myself. Going through the teaching I am starting to listen to God, my heart is getting opened to listen to him. To forgive others that have shamed me.”

“I blamed myself for my husband leaving me. I have struggled through life. God has been saving me, He is with me always. I’m learning to bless God for my life.”

Thank you Lord for your love in bringing someone alongside me this month who loves and cares about people with wounded hearts. Her counsel this week helped my heart wounds and I can feel the healing of my losses and comfort that God is giving me little by little. Her counsel helped me to know that someone who is going through pain needs special care from other believers.”

Costs of Trauma Healing Training

  • €125 EUR ($150 USD) provides training in order to become an apprentice facilitator.
  • €125 EUR ($150 USD) provides advanced training for those who want to be qualified as a Trauma Healing Trainer.
  • €12 EUR ($15 USD) provides a companion booklet and a Bible per participant in a Trauma Healing Group.

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