Meet our team

We invite you to meet our team members and look forward to welcoming you as a supporter or donor.

Executive Directors

Rev Momo B Kinnie was born in Jenne in Bomi County in the early 1960s.

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My name is Frances Swaray, I was born in County Down in Northern Ireland in 1967.

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Non Executive Directors

Anna Corrigan

My name is Anna Corrigan and I reside in the West of Ireland.

Non-Executive Directors

Seán O'Boyle

My name is Seán O'Boyle and I live in Northern Ireland.

Meet the Team in Liberia

Team Photo
Our Team Reuben

Reuben A. Kinnie

(Classroom Supervisor)

I graduated from the United Liberia Inland Church Academy in 2016. Graduated from vocational college with certification in electricity in 2019 and is now a qualified Electrician. I am currently learning how to install CCTV cameras and solar panels at 4life zoe digital, satellite training institute. However I hope to continue with my studies in college until a degree level.  My passion is soccer which I play and I love music. What I hope to gain from this opportunity is leadership skills.  I would enjoy working within an environment that has people from different backgrounds.

Out Team

Marthaline B. Boima

(Classroom Supervisor)

I have just recently graduated from Pamelia High school in August 2019. My hope is to go to college and become a Certified Accountant. I want to contribute to the growth and development of my community, country and the wider world. I love cooking for others and I enjoy music and reading. What I hope to gain from this opportunity is a deeper understanding of other people.

Our Team

Morris C. Boyenneh

(Classroom Supervisor)

I graduated from Carr High School in 2018. I want to go to college and further my education. My hope is to become a Civil Engineer in the future and contribute to rebuilding my country.  I love and play soccer and enjoy listening to music. I have been helping others in the community with carpentry and small projects. What I hope to gain is an opportunity to learn new skills in a formal setting which will help prepare me for the workforce in years to come. I am also learning how to install CCTV cameras and solar panels at 4life zoe digital, satellite training institute.

Our Team

Michael B. Woplah

(Classroom Supervisor)

I graduated from St. Edward High School in 2012. Currently I am attending The University of Liberia studying to become a Bio- Chemist.

I love basketball, singing and cooking. I hope to gain experience and new skills as I work as part of a team in The Koinonia Trust.

Our Team Choir

Rose Jaryenneh

(Volunteer Assistant Choir Director)

I graduated from Carr High school in 2018. I am attending the African Methodist University, studying business administration and accounting. I love singing, cooking and reading.

Our Team

Grace H. Kinnie

(Volunteer Assistant Choir Director)

I am a senior student at Carr High School. I love singing, dancing and listening to music. I enjoy being with friends and taking photographs. In the future I hope to study administration and accountancy.

Our Team

Wonder K. Bondo

(Sewing Class Supervisor)

I attended D. Tweh Memorial High School however due the Liberia civil war my education stopped in the 10th grade.  However later on I got the opportunity to go to tailoring school and I graduated with a certificate in tailoring. I have my own tailoring shop and help others to learn tailoring.  

My love for God motivated me to enter into bible school where I graduated with a Diploma in Evangelism. I love sharing what Jesus has done in my life and encouraging others to trust Him. I love singing and cooking.