Reuben Kinnie

We are delighted to congratulate Reuben Kinnie on the completion of his vocational training as an electrician. As a valued member of our team Reuben supervises our homework club and study classes. In addition now accepted to do a degree in electrical engineering he hopes to progress his education in 2020. We at the Koinonia Trust are incredibly proud of him as he has embraced new opportunities. We want to say thank you to all who fund and support us. Furthermore this is an example of how it is making a real difference, bringing hope to many.

study and reading project

Study and Reading Project

In September we commence our study and reading project and are deeply thankful to the Irish Embassy/Irish Aid in Monrovia for their support in this project.

We will have an additional four graduates helping to supervise the classes.

These classes will offer a safe space for the local children and youth to improve their reading skills and receive help with their homework. It will also give us an opportunity to increase their knowledge around health and well-being as well as giving them opportunities to develop personally.

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Home Organisational Training

Wholeness and Personal Development Workshop

In May The Koinonia Trust facilitated an all-day wholeness and personal development workshop for the leaders of the partner organisations of ‘Kvinna till Kvinna‘.

This workshop explored how trauma affects our health and our communities. Together we explored the different aspects of health and the importance of self reflection as a leader. We looked at communication skills and understanding peoples behavior and how best to approach difficult subjects.

The feedback from those who attended was so encouraging…

“I enjoyed everything that was taught and I learned a lot of new things that will help improve my life and people I call my friends”

 “Responsible for yourself and your own emotion”

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