The Koinonia Trust.

The name of the organisation is The Koinonia Trust. ‘Koinonia’ is a Greek word meaning ‘love and fellowship’. Inspired from Acts 2:42 where new believers ‘were devoted to one another’. This Trust seeks to be devoted to one another and to those it seeks to serve. Our Motto Bringing Beauty out of Ashes’ is inspired from Isaiah 61:1-3. This talks about the wounds of the brokenhearted being bound and bringing liberty to the captives. God has the ability to bring beauty out of the ashes of our lives and give us hope for the future.

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Context and Mission Statement.

Here you can read about the context and find our mission statement.


Liberia has suffered an immense amount of trauma since 1985. There was  oppression, mass killings and rapes by all the militant and rebel elements. Children were  kidnapped, abused, drugged and made to become soldiers. Therefore the consequences of this relentless abuse and trauma has not just impacted that generation but has now manifested itself into the next generation.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to support the healing of adults and children who have experienced trauma and brokenness. The roots of love, faith and encouragement of The Koinonia Trust are embedded in our partnership approach. Through practical actions we demonstrate God’s love to those who are marginalised or socially excluded from society.


Our Projects

We would like to thank all our fundraisers and funders that have responded to our call for assistance and help us in securing our 2021 core funding. This has allowed us to know we can now commit to continue to provide the community support and services this year. However there is so much more we can do so we still need your support and additional funding to reach more people in Liberia.

What do we do?

The overall vision of The Koinonia Trust is to support the healing and rehabilitation of people who have experienced trauma and brokenness. We endeavor to do this through different methods that can nurture new hope in their life. Our focus are those living in disadvantaged communities. Therefore we are working alongside both individuals and community leaders to develop specific objectives as well as building capacity and resilience in our community. As a result the aim is that these will support personal, family and community development. Hence we aim to achieve this using different approaches and projects, i.e. Trauma Healing, Education, Organizational Training, Social Enterprise and Community projects. 

Building Project

Building Project

The Koinonia Trust building project aims to deliver our long-term plans to have a ministry that is sustainable within the community we are living in.

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Trauma Healing

Trauma Healing

We facilitate Trauma Healing Groups and provide additional support such as pastoral care and counselling to those people who request it.

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The Koinonia Trust Liberia Inc.

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We are a legally incorporated in Liberia with charitable status starting in March 2018. Our registration number is 500754640

Our organisation works with both local leaders and the community. This helps us to identify their own assets, skills and abilities. Through this we can then determine together how to enable and empower both individuals and the community in building their personal capacity and social capital.

With the Covid 19 Coronavirus pandemic affecting our fundraising efforts we need your help event more than ever to make this happen. Unfortunately the core funding we had hoped to get in the second half of 2020 from organization’s internally in Liberia has been diverted to support the limited health services and we now have very little resources and funds going in to 2021.

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A Growing Partnership

We see a growing partnership developing between the trust and local communities. To support this disadvantaged community made up of different faith denominations, religions and ethnic backgrounds offers a great opportunity. We seek to demonstrate God’s love in action through different projects. In utilising a holistic approach that understands we are created with a spiritual, emotional, mental, social and physical well-being.

Taking a partnership approach remains very important to the Trust. We seek to encourage, empower and strengthen individuals, families and communities. Consequently we seek to develop wider partnerships that are viable, accountable and reciprocal. Partnership is not just at an organisational level, but also with those individuals who support the work on the ground.

We also ask for your partnership as we embark on a new journey pouring God’s love and grace wherever needed. Jesus came to heal the brokenhearted, to set the captives free and to restore beauty for ashes. Please pray for us and for Liberia as God continues to restore His people, to rebuild a community and strengthen a nation.

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