We provide organisation training working with local leaders, communities and non-government organisations (NGO’s).

Help them to identify their own assets, skills and abilities as well as any gaps that may exist. Together we can then determine how to encourage and empower building their personal capacity, resilience and social capital through specific objectives

Liberia has gone through much trauma above all, years of conflict, the Ebola outbreak and absolute poverty. Hence it is a country struggling to rebuild itself and everyday life has become a challenge for many. For that reason we are working in trauma affected communities. The workshops we offer begin to explore, to give knowledge and understanding to the different aspects of health. We examine their impact on the individual and wider environment. The workshops also provide new skills that can develop new mindsets, which in return can lead to behavior change.

We are always open to developing and facilitating workshops that have a particular focus on organisation training and their needs provided it is within our own capacity and expertise. Some examples of workshops we facilitate based in the context of Liberia are below:

  • Teaching best practice for working within a trauma affected community/The journey of healing
  • Skills for conducting staff support and supervision/improving mentoring and encouraging team work
  • Gaining knowledge and skills to improve health and wellbeing (spiritual, emotional, mental, physical and social)
  • Improving skills for effective leadership
  • Self-reflection and personal development
  • Health promotion: Health protective behavior/Health risk behavior/Health related harm/ Principles and levels of health promotion
  • Principles of community development and the importance of developing a skills audit

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