The Koinonia Trust building project aims to deliver our long-term plans is to have a ministry that is sustainable within the community we are in.

The Koinonia Trust Building Project

Our long-term plans is to have a ministry that is sustainable and more economical within the community that we are part of and invested in.

Land had been purchased several years ago for a twofold purpose; in order to put down roots within the community and also to cease paying increasing rental rates and the cost of maintaining someone else’s property. The need for having our own space was also confirmed through an evaluation carried out of The
Koinonia Trust in 2021.

We have been warmly welcomed by our new community which is approx. 2 miles from our current site. While this community is relatively new, schools and a hospital have already been built nearby. The local women have organised themselves and are advocating for public services such as electricity to be installed.

We were able to start building in February 2022 when we received a donation of $10,000 USD from Liberia Mercy Partners, (we received another $5,000 USD in September). In addition, we were blessed with personal donations and accrued income. We are hoping and praying that we complete this phase by the end of 2022. The total spend to date on the build as of September 22nd 2022 is $22,362 USD.

Building Project Phase 1

  1. A community well (Complete)
  2. The ministerial building which has our office, male and female bathrooms, our tailoring workshop. (almost complete but needing an additional $800 USD to finish it)
  3. Momo’s family home providing security as he ministers and leads out the work. (an additional $700 USD is needed for him to be able to move in)
  4. A water tower to service all the buildings (The structure is built but $2,000 USD is needed to install water storage tanks, water pumps and cover the plumbing costs needed to complete it)

Shortfall for phase 1: $3,500 USD

Building Project Phase 2

  1. A training workshop that will be used for trauma healing groups, facilitating spiritual retreats, leadership training and our own holistic workshop training material (foundation is complete but will need $3,000 USD to complete)
  2. A one-bedroom open plan living space for Frances when she is on the ground. This space will also be used to offer respite breaks or when missionaries or others as they need to come to the city to collect supplies. ($11,000 USD is needed for this)

The Building Project progress to date

The Well

Building the Water Tower

The first thing that needed building was the well so the builders could access water. The well is 30ft deep and was dug by hand and the cement covets that line the well were all made on site. Making them onsite saved a huge amount of money on transport. The water tower supports and the casting on top was assembled on site. This will supply the buildings with water in the future.

Making Mud Bricks

Creating Mud Bricks

As you can see the bricks we are using are made out of mud. The locals call these ‘dirt bricks’. Almost 5,000 were made and left to bake in the sun. We are keen to maintain this traditional method of building for the working environment. Mud bricks are more conducive to the climate whereas cement blocks retain the heat especially in the dry season. The one bedroomed apartment that will be used for overseas guests.

Elevation and roofing of the ministerial building

As you can see from the photos there is no fancy scaffolding! The building went up very quickly to roof level. Zinc was used for the roofing and we are waiting now for the window bars and doors to be fitted so the plastering and floor can be finished. We will have an office, male and female bathrooms and a large tailoring workshop. We will be able to train between 15-20 students over a ten-month period in the tailoring group annually. On completion of their training the students will be able to make a small living by making or altering clothes for others as well as making clothes for themselves. In the future it is anticipated that one of the former graduates will become an ‘onsite’ tailor and assistant to the tutor. The foundation is complete for our training room which is situated to the right off the tailoring workshop.

Momo’s Family Home

Momo’s house up to roof level

The building is up to roof level and work will recommence towards the end of the rainy season.
At present we rent and maintain a compound that is not just home to the ministry but houses 5 adults and Frances when she is on site. In the long term this is not financially sustainable. A projected estimate of what this would cost the Trust in the next 7 years (at today’s rate) is $38,500 USD on renting, maintenance and on electricity for our existing compound. We are cognizant that we will have to cover increased fuel costs as well as increasing rental costs should we not be in a position to move before the end of 2022. Alongside of all the benefits of working and living within the same community, having our own homes and ministry base means we will have security and peace of mind.

How can you help?

Our overarching aims is to demonstrate God’s love and care for each individual that we work with, nurturing new hope for their lives by building positive relationships that bring healing, builds resilience and encourages new skills.

Please help us raise our target of $3,500 USD, this money is needed to finish Phase 1 of the build so we can move from the compound into a permanent base which is rooted in the community and has an ‘open door’ policy where we can all grow together.

Any donation, big or small, is greatly appreciated. If you feel you can do a fundraiser for us that would be wonderful and we will support you in any way.

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