We facilitate homework, study and reading groups for local children. This contributes to not only their education but also supports them to stay in school.

Many children come from families who did not get to complete their education because of war or poverty. This strengthens their learning and contributes to them staying in school.
We offer pathways and opportunities into education and training with established local partnerships which strengthens learning and contributes to school retention.

Accessing further education after finishing school for the majority of young people is very difficult because of finances. Providing partial help with either college registration or credits (students pay per subject taken), depending on individual cases, helps a person get out of the poverty cycle they find themselves in.

It is hoped, depending on funding available, individuals would also be linked into some sort of social enterprise so they could sustain themselves during further education.

€42 EUR ($50 USD) for a month will provide a Class Supervisor, we currently need 6 class leaders for the number of children that attend.

Educational materials and resources cost approximately €340 EUR ($400 USD) per year. 

Costs for vocational training per person per year is approximately €140 EUR ($170 USD), e.g. Electrician, Tailoring, Mechanic or Catering. These are 2 year courses.

The cost of sending someone to college/university per year can vary between $600 and $1,300 USD. This gives them an AA diploma after 3 years or a degree after 4 years.

The direct costs to run our Education Project Study Classes, excluding administration and other non-direct costs, are in the region of €2,900 EUR ($3,400 USD) per year and covers the graduate class leaders.

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