We hope you will take time to pray for the trust and our projects. Thank You!

Prayer Points

  1. Pray that as we grow as a ministry that God will bring the right people to work alongside us so that we will be able to touch more lives
  2. Pray that God gives Momo wisdom and good health as he continues to lead the ministry
  3. Pray for Frances as she continues to obey the call of God to Liberia
  4. Pray for the upcoming children camp as we partner with SIM Liberia to host the children’s camp in the new year
  5. Pray for the participants in our ongoing trauma healing group that they draw closer to God and find healing and resolution
  6. Pray for the kids in the study class not just their academic work but that they feel loved and valued by the team. Pray that the team continue to be good role models in these young lives.
  7. Pray that God will open financial doors for the work of the ministry so we can relocate to the land that was bought nearby.

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