We hope you will take time to pray for the trust and our projects. Thank You!

Prayer Points

  1. As Momo continues to lead the work in Liberia, pray that God keeps him in good health and grants him ongoing wisdom.
  2. Pray for the team on the ground in Liberia that they would grow in spiritual maturity.
  3. Pray for the men, women and children in our community that we engage with, that they will experience Gods loving care and the hope of a future that He has planned for each one of them.
  4. Pray for the compound under construction in Liberia that God will provide the funding for its completion and that we will be able to relocate before the end of the year.
  5. Pray for Frances and her family as they grieve a mother and a grandmother at this time. Pray too for them as they each adjust to new roles or to new limitations.
  6. Pray for all those who have funded and supported us that God would bless their generosity.

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