Newsletter Issue No 10

Newsletter Issue No 8

Welcome to the Koinonia Trust Summer 2022 Newsletter issue No 8

Building Project

Our Building Project

Thanks to Liberia Mercy Partners and individual donors we were able to start our building project this year on land that was purchased a number of years ago.
At present we rent and maintain a compound that is not just home to the ministry but houses 5 adults and Frances when she is on site. In the long term this is not financially sustainable. Within the next 7 years we would have spent $38,500 USD as a Trust on renting, maintaining and on electricity for our existing compound. This is not even allowing for price hikes that we have been advised that will be implemented in March 2023. Outside of the financial investment, having our own homes and ministry base means we will have security and peace of mind.
We have two phases to our building project and we hope to complete phase 1 this year.

Phase 1

  1. A community well (Complete)
  2. The ministerial building which has our office, male and female bathrooms, our tailoring workshop
  3. Momo’s family home providing security as he ministers and leads the project
  4. A water tower to service all the buildings (Started – needs to be completed)

The first part of the building was the well so the builders could access water. The well is 30ft deep and was dug by hand and the cement covets that line the well were all
made on site. Making them onsite saved a huge amount of money on transport. The water tower supports and the casting on top was assembled on site. This will supply
the buildings with water in the future.

Newsletter Summer Issue No 8

As you can see from the photos there is no fancy scaffolding! the building went up very quickly to roof level. We will have an office, male and female bathrooms and a
large tailoring workshop.

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